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The Leading Adult Day Care Center in New Jersey

An Adult Medical Day Care Facility is licensed to provide preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative services under medical and nursing supervision to meet the needs of functionally impaired adult clients.
Adult Medical Day Care is a comprehensive health care center where you will have licensed professional staff monitoring your entire medical condition. Your registered nurse will coordinate your health and wellness with your primary care physician, and will monitor you and address emerging issues before they become serious. In addition, every client has a full medical chart that is continuously reviewed and updated by medical professionals.  Our adult programs include veteran friendly programs with nursing and geriatric care and a focus on memory stimulation, physical therapy and superior respite care for Alzheimer’s patients.  Our senior center also has support groups to round out our top-quality adult program.

Adult Medical Day Care provides care across many disciplines including nursing services, social services, therapeutic recreational activities, dietary services, and rehabilitative services.

Skilled nursing including:

  •     Medication administration and wound care

  •     Physical Therapy

  •     Therapeutic Recreational Activities

  •     Uncontrolled diabetes and hypertension monitoring and management by our nurses

  •     Nutritional and dietary requirements and weight management are provided by our licensed dietitian

  •     Door-to-Door Transportation to and from their home including physician appointments and off site recreational activities

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